The BEAUTY FORUM fair is ...

... an exceptional, international event that guarantees the power of attraction, distinguished by a comprehensive exhibition and educational offer, which guarantees professionals a wide range of development opportunities.

The 32nd edition of the BEAUTY FORUM Fair will be held on September 20-21, 2019, at the GLOBAL EXPO Trade Fair and Congress Center, at Modlińska 6 d street, in Warsaw.

BEAUTY FORUM is the most important event for professionals related to the beauty industry in Poland, organized periodically since 1997. The renown of the event, developed over the years, is the result of a precisely composed formula combining business, education and numerous attractions in a unique way into a comprehensive program that responds to the current needs of professionals in the cosmetics industry at every stage of their professional career.

The offer of the fair will satisfy both experienced specialists of the dynamically developing beauty segment, owners of companies and offices, as well as those who are at the beginning of their life adventure, which is the entry into the world of broadly understood aesthetics and care. Also, students will be able to expand their knowledge and familiarize themselves with the latest solutions, the latest trends and scientific achievements.
The BEAUTY FORUM fair is a place where the leading cosmetics brands on the Polish and international market present top-class products and treatments - spectacular new products and best-sellers. It is here, every year, that the premieres of innovative technological and prescription solutions take place. Here we select masters, we support talent, passion and creativity!

BEAUTY FORUM is an innovative concept, inspiring interpersonal contacts, the power of experience and endless possibilities of broadening horizons.

This year's spring edition of the BEAUTY FORUM fair was visited by over 16,000 professionals. On the area of nearly 12,500 square meters, its offer and novelties were presented by over 900 companies and brands. Nearly 1200 people participated in the seminars.


Know more!

The BEAUTY FORUM fair is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and new experiences in such a comprehensive and accessible way. Carefully composed program, current subject matter of seminars with a high substantive level and the best lecturers are our advantages.


Championships and competitions

The championships organized as part of the BEAUTY FORUM fair are full of excitement and spectacular creations of the struggle of the best of the best. Part of the competition is covered by the international classification and constitutes a pass to the arena of global struggles.

During the 32nd BEAUTY FORUM fair, the following championships and competitions will take place:
Championship  in Hybrid Black & White Nail Manicure - September 21, 2019
Championship in Salon Decoration, Theme: Autumn Dreams - September 21, 2019
Facepainting Trophy, Theme: Mythical Tales - September 22, 2019
Polish Championship in Eyelash Stylization, Theme:  Volume Lashes - September 21, 2019
Polish Championship in Styling Eyebrows, Theme: Perfect Brows - September 22, 2019

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